Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life in review 4

We got a nice visit from "Babo."

We made all natural harvest cookies. Our art for November.

Apple dumplings. With ice cream. Homemade.

NOW I can post about December! Nothing like the last day of the year to get ya goin'. . . .

Life in review 3

The 10th Anniversary festivities began--self portrait at the San Francisco Ballet.

We hiked over Ladera.

Lily played a sheep in "Tom Turkey," her 1st grade play.

Lily turned 7! We bowled, we played, we danced.

We ate cake.

We feasted.

Life in review 2

Max burned his thumb (car lighter + curiosity = ouch).

We went to the beach.

Lily's teeth got really wiggly.

We drank our last cup of Postum, forever (bring it back, Kraft!!).

Life in review 1

To recap a bit of our life these past few months . . . .

Some cousins came to visit.

Max turned 9! (Note to self: don't put candles in molten chocolate lava cake . . . .)

We celebrated at Legoland.