Monday, March 7, 2011

Phew, that was close

Recently, my Mac decided to close it's doors on iPhoto because it was mad at me for taking up so much memory with my pictures. I had no access to the last 3 years of photographic documentation. Panic set in, but the geniuses were there to rescue me. Two trips to the mall and a couple of hours of waiting had us (Mac and I) all patched up. So here are a couple of highlights that have transpired since the last post!

I had a birthday! No need to discuss numbers. It was a quiet affair, just how I like it when the numbers are, you know, where they are these days. Dinner and presents.

Unbeknownst to me, Paul had gotten me something I've wanted forever. The look on my face when I opened the box and discovered a Blendtec in there!! Total surprise. I love that guy.

And I LOVE my Blentec! I use it at least twice a day. Yum, yum, yumminess.

Another exciting event--we had a blowout on the freeway.

Just the kids and I, in Paul's car. Here's how I felt about it:

Here's how the kids felt about it.

Moving on. Max earned his Arrow of Light award!

We are so proud of him! Do we look proud?

It's the good kind of proud. He worked so hard and is a full-fledged Boy Scout now. Awesome. He had the coolest arrow too because his dad made it special.

OK, now I can download the rest of the pictures from the camera since I have enough memory. Let's see if there are any more goodies on there to share.