Monday, January 24, 2011

Reporting in from SoCal

So, we were lucky to get a visit from my awesome sister, Jo Ann (a.k.a. Jo Jo) and Layne this weekend. Love these people! Since she forgot her camera back in the frozen Utah tundra, I told her I'd blog some photos. Motivation! Yay!

We met at an undisclosed location and scooped up Jo while Layne went to do, you know, Layne stuff. Since it was sunny and 70, it was straight to the beach! And by straight, I mean by way of a couple of stops first to Bed Bath and Beyond (what could possibly be beyond bed AND bath?) and Max's fencing lesson.

See? Sunny!

Which means sweatshirt weather for us (snicker snicker).

Did I mention we have a cushy guest bed now? Am I convincing anyone else to come for a visit?? Well, maybe this will help:

Tide pools!

Crazy fun!

Adorable kids!

And this place!

Taco Loco really deserves it's own post. Yum to the 29th power. It's good. It's gooooood. We're going on a 14-year love affair now. And I always get the same thing: blackened chicken quesadillas. PK loves him a good tofu burger there. And the owner's name is Gonzo. 'Nuff said.

Too bad Layne couldn't spend the afternoon in Laguna with us so I didn't get any pictures of him. But this kind of counts, doesn't it?

Kidding, Babo!

Jo Jo really loved this little fountain. She said it reminded her of somebody she knows. Someone who likes fish, and turtles. Someone who doesn't mind water splashing on her face. Someone who enjoys being in her birthday suit. Any guesses?

Come back for more, Jo Ann! And Layne too. And anyone else too. And we'll party it up with you.