Monday, July 26, 2010

Camping at Big Bear

Well for the first time in almost 13 years of living in Southern California, we went to Big Bear and went camping! It's also the first time we've camped as a family by ourselves. Awesome! My sister said we're a real family now (thanks, Jo). And honestly, we didn't get many pictures. I never had the camera because I was too busy cooking the whole time. So we'll just have to go again now that we've worked out all the kinks. But here are a few shots, just to get a feel. Enjoy!

Cooking up some breakfast sausage, eggs and pancakes!

Required camping food--mini cereal boxes you cut open with a knife and pour in the milk.

Lily's collection

Paul climbed a tree and took the camera with him.

After spending the afternoon at Big Bear Lake.

Totally random sign.

Getting the fire started!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Family on the Fourth

We were so happy to have Paul's sister Julie and her daughter Alexa come to visit for the 4th of July, and we ordered a lovely weekend just for them. After our fun run festivities Saturday morning, we headed to Fashion Island. Lunch at Cheesecake Factory and a little shopping, topped off with good times at the Koi pond--perfect.

Then we headed home and met up with Julie's other daughter, Brittney who came up from San Diego. Brittney, we've missed you! You need to come visit more often.

Every year on the 4th I make a flag cake, but this year I tried a Barefoot Contessa recipe. And Oh. My. Goodness. Just look at this beauty!

It was so good, and so enormous! It deserves two pictures, just so you can get the scale of this thing. I'll definitely make this one again next year, but maybe I'll half the recipe so we don't end up eating it every day for 5 days!

The night of the 4th we headed to Founders Park for the annual fireworks show. The show is always spectacular, but since it's the 10 year anniversary of Ladera Ranch, this year's show was beyond amazing. I've never seen such fancy fireworks! And it went on forever, like 28 minutes. The music, the lights, our family togetherness, and the thousands of people gathered in honor of our great country, all made for a fantastic 4th of July. God Bless America!

1st Annual LR Ward Fun Run

Since July 4th fell on a Sunday this year, our ward organized a 5K/1K fun run on July 3rd. We combined both Ladera Ranch wards and had a great turn out. It was so official, with bibs and everything! But it was early in the morning, and Max and Lily weren't interested. So Paul and I headed over and told Max he could ride his bike over later if he felt like it. Lily was still snoozing away, and with Aunt Julie and Alexa visiting, we just left everyone home. As the race was getting ready to start, Max showed up in jeans and flip-flops and declared he was running the 5K with Dad. Huh? You want to RUN?! Well, OK, but not in flip-flops. We ran home and changed him into some appropriate gear, got him signed up and ready to run. Max wouldn't pose with Dad at the race start, so Dr. Doezie stepped in.

And here are the results of the race! I really didn't mean to sound so surprised . . . .

And can you believe this little guy?! I was so proud of him! I seriously had no idea how Max was going to run 3.4 miles, but he did! And he beat the other guys his age!! Max, you totally rock!

And before Lily missed out on all the fun, I picked her up to join in on the 1K race. Here she is with Madison, whose whole family just got baptized!

First, second and third of the men's 5K.

And some bounce house fun after the races.

It was a great start to the holiday weekend!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our last cub scout day camp

I say "our" because I've spent almost as many days in day camp as Max has over the past 3 years! He just finished up his last week of day camp last week, along with over one-thousand other boys. He had a little bit more fun this year in the Webelos den because they got to do more water activities. Too bad it wasn't very warm this year! Here are some of the highlights.

Nice job lashing that bridge, Max!


Happy that his mini-raft is seaworthy.

Congratulations, Max! You did it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

VANS Warped Tour 2010

Here's Paul and GOGO13 playing the LA show of the Warped Tour weekend before last. So fun to see him on that kind of stage! It was a blast. They played LA on Friday and then San Francisco on Saturday. If you don't want to miss out on the fun, come see them play San Diego on August 10th!

On stage.

They all signed this guy's drumstick. See how happy he is? Biggest. Fan. Ever.

Paul and I with his stage in the background.

Idiot Box.