Sunday, March 14, 2010

Slade Christmas Party

Every year, my brother Paul and his wife Kari host a Slade family Christmas party at their home in Salt Lake. We usually are never able to be there, but since we planned to have the girls get baptized together, we combined the events. So after the baptism, we got the whole family together and had a blast.

Some Christensens:

Some Slades:

Christmas Day 2009

It was so fun waking up on Christmas morning and having Christmas with my mom, Grandma Nette. We haven't done that since Paul and I were newlyweds!
Two excited kids:

Opening presents:

Max's gift to Grandma, a pretty glass bell:

More silly Slades, my brother Bryan and Austin:

Christmas Eve Festivities

We had a super fun Christmas Eve over at my sister JoAnn's house. Great food and a somewhat rambunctious Nativity (thanks to the teenage cousins) made for a great night.
Lily, Tess, Lainey, Hanna, Cami:

The "angels"??

"Joseph and Mary":

Hey, Lainey, "I like your face!"

Next Stop

Reno! We stopped at Paul's sister, Susan's house on our way to Utah. She made us a lovely breakfast and it was a great break in our long journey. Love you, Susan!
Lily and cousin Ashley:

Susan and Paul

We've arrived in Utah! And look at that huge icicle!
Melanie and I with half of her kids. Such handsome nephews!

An early Christmas with Grandma Connie and Grandpa Ron.

The parents Kloepfer.

Family shot in front of the Christmas tree. Goodbye Sacramento!

More holiday

Our first stop on our holiday world tour was Sacramento. Baking with Grandma Connie, playing with Sydney the dog, visiting my sister and meeting her man, a wonderful time all around.

Don't ask me how we got out of there without a picture of Johnny! Crazy. We're so excited for the wedding in June! He's a wonderful man who is making my sis so happy. I was only 7 the first time she got married, so I can't wait for this one!

The Holidays! (Finally)

We had such a fun holiday season (2009) and we were able to see both sides of the family. It was a world tour, lots of driving, all kinds of weather, and so worth it. There are so many pictures but I can't seem to load more than 5 at a time. Bear with me!
Max is excited to feast on Thanksgiving:

Ready to carve:

At the Tree Lighting at Fashion Island. Fun night out with friends!

Lily with some buddies at one of her Singer's Company performances. They had three Christmas shows and were so adorable.

Lily Becomes a Member of the Church

On December 26, 2009, our dear little Lillian decided to take a big step in life and become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. What angels both Lily and her cousin Sydnie were that day, dressed in white. We were sorry to those of you who couldn't be there since we did it in Utah, but it was a very special day for these two!

Just before:

Just after--all clean!

With Grandma Nette:

With Mom and Dad:

We are so proud of your decision, Lily, and know it will bless you throughout your life. We love you!

Monday, March 1, 2010

All About Lil

Much time has passed, but my little girl has turned 8! November 25, 2009 dawned (the day before Thanksgiving), and my bright-eyed beauty was the happiest girl on earth. Since school was out for the holiday, we had the whole day to play. Lily woke up and dug into her presents. I love opening presents as soon as you wake up!

After all of that fun, Lily took a shower and drew a picture of a triple-decker cake and said, "Mom, that's the cake I want today!" So she helped me make it. It was pure chocolate deliciousness!

Here she is posing in her new dress from Grandma Connie.

We had a totally fun day playing together, then she wanted to go to LaserQuest. What a fun family activity that was. We came home and lit up the cake. (Gotta love big brothers.)

Well, since her birthday is always so close to (or ON) Thanksgiving, we had her big party the next week. It was wildly fun: we had thirteen 7 and 8 year old girls over for a cupcake party, painting, baking, and decorating. What a blast. And since it was so crazy, I only took two pictures! Here's a picture of all the cuties (minus two of them who had to leave early).

All in all, Lily had a wonderful 8th birthday, and still had one of the biggest events of her life still to come! (I'll try to not wait so long before posting about that.) I love you Lily! You are a bright star in your mama's life!