Saturday, November 8, 2008

This is LA, baby

"What?" you ask? What are we doing with Jon Heder? The one and only Napolean Dynamite? Well, we had a ourselves a funky Friday night in downtown Los Angeles. Paul's band, GoGo 13, was asked to play a gig at The Roosevelt Hotel for a film's after party. It's a kooky independent documentary called Hi, My Name is Ryan, made by some Mormon guys, and one of the songs in the film is an Aquabats song. Since the lead singer of GoGo 13 is brothers with the Aquabats guy and co-wrote the song, they got to perform that song, and a bunch of others. There were about 4 bands that played, lots of LA-type people, artists, a silent auction . . . . Oh, and Money Mark from the Beastie Boys, too! All in all, a very eclectic mix of people. And Jon Heder! It was fun.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ahhh . . . Halloween

This was the first year that Max dug in and carved his pumpkin all by himself--he even scooped out the guts! Yea, Max! He did a great job. Lily had help with her "cat" pumpkin, well, probably more help than she needed. I just can't help myself! That was a fun night.

We got this princess costume for Lily and once she saw the collar that stood up, she was inspired to be a Vampire Princess.

And lest you think I was a lazy costumer this year, when Max said he wanted to be Indiana Jones (about 8 months ago), I started looking for an appropriate Indy shirt. They don't exist. So I dyed one! AND I sewed the gun pouch out of felt, because those don't exist either. He had a whip too, a real one, but just didn't want to carry it around when I wasn't about to let him "use" it--not with all those kids around! All in all, we had a great Halloween. They gladly handed over their junk candy for some awesome Trader Joe's and Whole Foods confections, and each got to pick out a toy at Toys R Us. Now on to the next holiday!