Friday, July 1, 2011


Six years is a long time when you're 11. Six years is how long Max spent in school at Oso Grande Elementary. And those are six years he won't soon be missing.

Here is Max on his last day of Kindergarten:

Here is Max on his last day of 5th Grade:

We are so proud of you, Max! You had a fantastic year and we know you are ready for middle school (yikes!) and all of the adventures that come with that.

Check out what a fun day he had on his last day of elementary school last Thursday, June 23, 2011!

Hanging out with his buddy, Jack.

His teacher, Mrs. Haupt. She said to me about a month ago, "I love Max. If I could adopt a child, I would want to adopt him." She made all the difference in the world for him.

The 5th Grad Clap-Out, a tradition for graduating 5th graders at Oso.

We celebrated with sushi for lunch.

The 5th grader's parents threw those kids quite a bash that night called "Midnight Luau," which actually ended at 9:00 pm. There was a DJ, dancing, photo booth, candy "bar", barbeque dinner, cake and general craziness. They had a blast and it was a fun chance for them to be together one last time before all the elementary schools pool into one middle school this fall.

Goodbye, Oso Grande. Well, not quite. We still have two more years with this peanut. Good job in 3rd grade, Lily! Here she is with her teachers, Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Tonai.

P.S. It was my last day working as a student supervisor at the school. Four years. It was a good run. I won't miss my neon yellow vest.


JoAnn said...

Bummer. I wanted a picture of you in the yellow vest.

Jesse said...

Bethanie ... 2 things:
a. I am with Boy Scouts of America [Boy Scout Troop 478 ; Tunica District ; Istrouma Area Council]. My first comment is WAY to Go MAX ... for getting your Arrow of Light. GREAT JOB!!!

Oh and just for fun, SEE our Website:

b. My second comment is: Regarding your Cognomen / Surname ... "Is Kloepfer (ALSO Klöpfer) a GERMAN family?"


Jesse said...

Bethanie ... I also saw 2 fotos on your blog, but in both cases Max had "vampyre eyes" (red). Do you or your husband have an email address so that I can SEND them back to you guys CORRECTED?

I am at LSU