Sunday, March 25, 2012

A "model" of health

So, hi again, by the way.

A couple weeks ago, Paul and I got our blood tests done, just being proactive about our health, you know.  Actually, his company offered a special $50 gift card if we did it, so that's the real reason.  Anyway, yesterday we got the results in the mail in these nice brochures from Aetna, our health insurance company.

Nice right?  It was a six page, four color deal, with explanations of each test and what the results mean.  I'm in the healthy range for everything (yay, 'cause I'm old and I had no idea.  Phew!).  So we were going through each section, one by one, comparing Paul's and mine, looking back and forth from his report to mine, going through all the pages.  This went on for about 15 minutes.  Then all of a sudden he gasped, "Oh my gosh!"  I instantly thought there was some super scary result on his health summary and said, "What?  What?!"  He just pointed to the top of the page:

[a pause for effect]

Paul is the model.  On every page.  The perfect picture of health.

We had a good long laugh over that one.


Tess said...

AAhaha totally awesome. how many people would that actually happen to?
And I just figured he was gasping at your age. as in "There's no way you're that old!" :)
love you guys

Taylor and Mackenzie Nelson said...

HA ha ha oh my goodness! Yeah seriously what are the odds? Thank you for blogging about it, I love those kinds of stories. :) We miss you!

JoAnn said...


Diana said...

Too funny!

Nordic Valley ward Young Women said...
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Tess said...

So I was just browsing through Chucks Weight Watchers for men website and lo and behold, there was PK again! haha you're a weight-loss inspiration to all of us, Paul. (as if you've ever had two pounds to lose in your life)

Bethanie said...

You gotta love stock photography. It's so fun to see where my husband might pop up. Tess, what's the link to that website?

gr.nette said...

I didn't see this for a long time, but heard about it.
It's just shhhhgreat!!!

Hanna Amero said...

Hilarious!! Love it :)